2016 Archdaily about Confiction

2016 DN-Dagens Nyheter, 160807, article about Dansbana! Vårby gård
2016 Mitt i Huddinge, 160803, article about Dansbana! Vårby gård
2016 Södra sidan, 160813, article about Dansbana! Vårby Gård

2015 Dansbana! Graphic design by Kerstin Hansson

2010 Arkitekternas Villor, Volym II. Editorial: Arkitektur Förlag. Villa Nacka Insjön published in a collection of contemporary villa projects. ISBN: 978 91 86050 78 8

2008 Paletten, #273 Paletten. Article about Anna Pangs diploma project, Brasilia
SQN 207, written by Sophie Allgårdh. ISSN: 0031-0352

2007 Dagens Industri, 071025, Villa Nacka Insjön and Boxmodul
2007 Arkitektur, nr.6, Arkitektur Förlag ISSN: 0004-2021. Villa Nacka Insjön nominated for debuty prize by the magazine Arkitektur