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Dansbana! ArkDes, Public Luxury
Dansbana! ArkDes is an outdoor public dance space created by the organization Dansbana! (architects Anna Fridolin, Anna Pang and Teres Selberg) together with dancers at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, 2018. It is a part of the exhibition Public Luxury. Photo by Matti Östling/ArkDes. See more at www.dansbana.se and Public Luxury.

Dansbana! Vårby Gård
Dansbana! Vårby Gård is an outdoor public dance space created by the organization Dansbana! together with young girls and local dance communities in Vårby Gård, 2016. Photo by Nicklas Dennermalm

Dansbana! Vårby gård was nominated for Beazley Designs of the Year 2017.

Dansbana! Södertälje
Dansbana! Södertälje is an outdoor public dance place created by the organization Dansbana! in collaboration with local dancers in Södertälje in 2018 The pattern was designed by graphic designer Sepidar Hosseini,Grafikens Hus. Photo by Anna Henriksson/Grafikens Hus

Konfiktion (eng Confiction) is an exhibition presenting the fictive architecture of the euronotes as sugar sculptures. The work was exhibited at Hallwylska museet, Stockholm, 26 Aug- 23 Oct, 2016. Photo by Gustav Almestål

Villa Nacka Insjön
Privat house in Nacka, Stockholm, 2007. Photo by Åke E:son Lindman.

Project by PANG arkitekter AB

Tvättstugor i Jordbro
Design for communal laundromats (tvättstugor) in Jordbro, 2017-18.